How to register and activate a free Azure Active Directory using Office 365 portal

This method is used when you do not have an Azure account, but you have an Office 365 subscription and you want to use it in Azure RemoteApp.

Office 365 Portal

  • From the left hand side column, scroll down into the list and expand ADMIN, then select “AZURE AD”

Azure AD

This will take you straight to Microsoft Azure sign up page, with all your details prepopulated.

Azure SignUp

Fill in the required information and then click on Sign up. Be patient while the subscription is created. You will be directed automatically to Microsoft Azure main page. Once this is ready you will see a message like this:


At this stage, you still cannot access or create any Azure resources. Only Azure Active directory was created for you and populated with your Office 365 user accounts.

To start populating your subscription with Azure resources. Select “App Services” from the left hand side column on your screen.


Click on “Add”


You will be presented with this page “Get an Azure subscription”, asking you to sign up if you want to create resources.


Click on “Sign up”. The Microsoft Azure Add Subscription window appears. There are several options available select the one that best suit your project.


Whatever you select, a method of payment will have to be added to your account. Just go through the questions and answers.


You will get a “complete” message window, then you will be automatically directed to your new Azure portal. The process will start creating your environment and you will get the earlier message (above) “Your Subscription is ready for you!” just click on the “Start managing my service” link.


Sign out than browse to Azure Portal . Once you are logged on you may be presented with a Window called “Azure Tour”. It is useful to go through it, or you can cancel it.

Once logged-in to the portal, the only thing available in the “All Items” view should be the “Azure Active Directory” that you have just registered and created.

Select the AD and then click on the white arrow.


Then on USERS in the next window, you should see all the users you had added in your office 365 portal as I have mentioned earlier, which they were transfered automatically for you to Azure AD.


This method a bit more involved, but you will save a lot of time trying to setup or create a new AAD instant and adding users to it. Using the above steps, you will by pass any errors might come while creating the new AAD.

Now you are ready to create an Azure RemoteApp Collection for Office 365 ProPlus.



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