How to add and configure a web app In Azure Active Directory via Office 365

This document provides guidance  when an administrator  needs to add  an application in the Azure AD portal connected to Office 365.


Log into O365 Office 365 portal via

Click on the admin tile as shown below:




Next click on the Azure AD link that will launch to the Azure AD portal:



Click on the Active Directory tab and highlight the Company AD this will open all the directory options:



Then locate the Applications tab and then scroll down to add button at the bottom of the page:



Select-Add an application from the gallery:



Choose an application such as Docusign:



Then a page will appear that will indicate that the application has been added:



Then configure and choose a Single on option which is based on the

companies needs or preferences:



Then assign access to any user or users who will need access to that particular

application by highlighting the users name and pressing the assign button at  bottom of the page:



Once that happens the chosen user now has direct access to the assigned application:



After the application is assigned the user will be  able to view  and access the application in  their Office 365 App gallery.

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